Jul 15, 2012

Canon S90 Review

The Sanom S90 digital camera is a smaller, more stylish alternative to the G series, offering key enthusiast features (such as raw capture and manual controls) in a compact body. It's image quality is surprisingly good, the user interface well thought out and the design truly pocket-friendly. The handling takes some getting used to, which I guess is inevitable given how much Canon has tried to cram into a camera the size of an Elph. The tiny body might not make for particularly good handling, but it's small enough to carry anywhere and the image quality it produces rarely disappoints.

Here's what Steve's had to say-
"Canon's PowerShot S90 is an exceptional ultra-compact model that offers the latest in Canon technologies and features, along with a wealth of exposure controls options; somewhat like a shrunken down G11. While aimed more towards advanced users looking for a compact camera to carry around on their "light" days, the S90 can still be appreciated by the novice to beginner users. With excellent image quality, robust shooting performance, great high ISO shooting performance, and a well-built frame, I can highly recommend this camera to anyone looking for an extremely versatile camera that can be tucked into your pocket. While we really like the S90, it does carry a lofty price tag of about US $399. With this said, I feel the level of control offered by such a compact camera, along with the high-end features it boasts, justify the price increase over the top of the line Digital ELPH models. So, we urge you to make certain this model has everything you want and need in a camera. If you love the image quality and performance offered by the S90, but do not need all of the manual control options, be sure to take a look at some of Canon's other compact models that might a bit easier on the pocket book."