Jan 4, 2012

Canon Digital Camera Warranty

Just had an experience with Canon's warranty service I thought you might be interested to hear.

My wife and I recently visited The Bahamas. We brought our Nikon SLRs and our Canon point and shoot cameras. I have a Canon G10 and she has a Canon G12 that I bought her for her birthday recently.

While touring the Island we carried our G12 in an insulated handbag along with a couple of drinks amongst other things we might need on a long walk. When we got home to review our photos, the camera suddenly no longer worked. When powered on the focus assist light would come on but nothing else happened. What on earth happened we thought? I notice a small amount of moisture had come off the drinks, you know, condensation drops. The drinks did not leak, but they did sweat.

Anyway, the memory card was ok, we got our pics. We would deal with the camera when we got home from our trip.

Well, we have now heard back from Canon after sending the G12 in for warranty service. They said the camera would cost $500+ to fix! and that water damage was evident. I am shocked. There was never any more moisture than one might encounter during a spit of rain, or some dew in the grass. Is this how robust your cameras are made? Is this how you stand behind your engineering Canon?

I now have a very sour taste in my mouth from this experience. I am so happy that my wife and I chose Nikon as our SLRs, along with the thousands I have spent on lenses. If this were Canon gear, I'd be scared to use it!

Come on Canon.