Sep 23, 2010

Tell Your Friends About Shutterstock

It's probably happened to you. You're chatting with another photographer or illustrator and they ask for advice about stock photography.

There are plenty of reasons why I recommend Shutterstock with confidence.

 They're growing. Aggressively signing up new customers, their download counts are very high, and have earned respect as one of the top players in image licensing.

They pay competitive earnings. I frequently hear from artists who say we're their top earner. Recently an independent survey found more microstock photographers named Shutterstock their top earning agency in 2009 than any other site. They don't demand exclusivity, a huge point for most folks like you and me.

Uploading is easy. They have a new upload system that makes it simpler to manage your keywords, descriptions and model/property releases. You can even work on multiple images at once, and save or submit part of a batch and come back to it later. Plus the whole system is wrapped in a slick, streamlined interface. Shutterstock created the easiest upload system in the industry so you can spend more time creating content and less time editing.

And… make money by referring other photographers! If you sign up a photographer - that photographer will receive $0.25 on their photo downloads - and you will receive $0.03 on their downloads! You could make money by merely promoting the Shutterstock Submit Program!

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