Mar 23, 2010

Top 10 Photography Tips

With the boom of digital photography more pictures than ever are being shot everyday. Digital Photography allows us to increase significantly the picture production by lowering costs. But does the quality increase on the same ratio? Probably not.
With few simple tips it is possible to take more advantage of your own equipment and increase the value of your own pictures.
  1. Get closer to the Subject: 90% of the pictures are taking too far of the subject. Just step towards your subject and ensure that it fills completely your visor. It is never too close.
  2. Use a tripod: take a light high quality tripod with you and use it! You will be able to capture more details of your subject and increase the sharpness, specially when taking scenics, arquitecture and landscapes.
  3. Use the "Raw" mode of your digital camera: JPG pictures allows only 8 bit per channel, this means the information per channel is restricted and you may loose information when processing your picture later in your digital lab. RAW modes support the full range of your digital equipment and provides highly flexibility to re- process your pictures afterwards.
  4. Use low ISO values: your digital camera is able to be setup to high ISO Values (ISO 500-1500), however the noise of the sensor will increase dramatically, needing also an intensive post-processing, i.e. using noise reduction filters. Use higher ISO values only when its unavoidable
  5. Keep it simple: in photography less is more. Concentrate on the message you desire to capture and try to eliminate everything else. Keep your backgrounds simple and your main subject understandable without anything else that could disturb your clear message.
  6. Bring profundity in your pictures. The world has three dimensions, but your pictures only two. A subject that looks great to your eyes may appear flat in your pictures. Play with diagonal elements crossing the picture, but with simplicity of lines.
  7. Either Fore or Background: a typical beginner error is to try to capture fore and background on the same picture. This is the typical "tourist" picture in front of some touristic attraction. Decide if you would like to capture the fore- or the background and concentrate on one subject. Only by using extreme wide-angle lens and a good composition you can have both.
  8. Discover hidden details: The world is infinite complex and contains innumerable details that are waiting to be captured by your lenses. Use tele-photo lenses to bring to the audience what only you have discovered.
  9. Don´t place your subject in the middle. Your pictures will be boring if everything is symmetric and the subject is exact in the middle. Apply the "golden section" of the "rule of the thirds". Keep your composition balanced. Of course, extreme symmetry can be wonderful, if applied properly.
  10. Unleash your creativity: once you have carefully applied the rules 1-9, forget them and start using creative photography. Don´t use tripod and move your camera intentionally in order to get blure pictures, play with high ISO values and extreme perspectives, extreme light situations and unusual subjects. You will be a great photographer.