Mar 18, 2010

Setting moon

Setting moon
Originally uploaded by Rick Blythe.
Maybe I should have called this photo "Moonrise over Tim Horton's". If that means absolutely nothing to you let me explain.

I took this photo last night while on a stroll in my neighborhood. The establishment on the left is called Tim Horton's, a very successful chain of coffee shops in Canada. Tim Horton's shops are never very far away.

The other reason is that when I saw this scene, it reminded me of an Ansel Adams photograph, Moonrise over Hernandez, which was probably the most inspirational photograph I ever saw as a young man. Having that flashback was what made me stop in my tracks, take out my Canon G10, and find something to rest it on for the 1 second exposure it took to capture this. I used the self-timer feature as well to reduce shake.

Ten minutes later the sky was ink black. I don't think it would have looked as good.

Click the photo to view a larger version. What inspires you?