Jan 1, 2010

Sony Alpha DSLR-A550

Compared to the Sony Alpha DSLR-A500, the A550 has a higher resolution sensor, a higher resolution LCD, a faster maximum frame rate, greater buffer depth, a shorter battery life, and weighs just 0.07 ounces (two grams) more. The Sony is actually comfortably more expensive with the Nikon D90 being a close rival. As such in our full review we’ll compare the features and handling of all these bodies, while taking a detailed look at the image quality compared to the D90. Read-on to discover how Sony’s latest Alpha measures-up. CameraLabs.com have a review up of the A500.

“Sony’s Alpha DSLR-A550 may not have video recording, but becomes one of the fastest DSLRs in its class, not to mention one which delivers the most-rounded and usable Live View experience to date. The ability to capture fast action while framing with the screen sounds like a simple request, but it’s one which eludes the majority of DSLRs. Not so with the A550, and its cheaper sibling the A500, which manage it with ease.

Depending on your requirements, this may be all you need to know. DSLRs which shoot at 5fps or quicker are necessary for serious action photography, but normally carry semi-pro price tags. The A550 and especially the A500 bring this capability to a more affordable price-point, making them a top choice for anyone who wants to shoot action on a tighter budget. The ability to switch into Live View in an instant and still enjoy fast continuous shooting, along with continuous autofocus too, is the icing on the cake.”