Oct 14, 2009

Autumn Photos

Originally uploaded by Rick Blythe.

Now that autumn is here there are new opportunities for getting outside and getting some nice photos. I got this shot on the weekend at a nearby creek. If you like this shot here are the details of how I got it.

It was a cloudy day after several days of rain. This worked to my advantage in a couple of ways. First, the creek was rushing with lots of water and the leaves took on a vibrant colour being wet. Also, the low light conditions meant I could slow down the shutter to my favorite speed for running water - 1 second.

To make sure the shot didn't blur I had to rest the camera on a rock. Any vibration would wreck the photo. I simply set the camera in S mode, set the shutter to 1 second, then I put it in self-timer and pressed the shutter. The self-timer is very useful for reducing vibration. Press the shutter and then let go!

Hope you all can get out during this fall to get some keepers of your own!