Jul 2, 2009

Waterproof Camera Group Test

There’s a new group review of waterproof digital cameras just posted, wherein DPreview was were trying to find out how good the current generation of waterproof cameras are, and which would be best (if any) should you decide to only take one camera with you to the beach or on a holiday involving some water activities. What they found was that with one exception (the Pentax W60) the typical specifications (3x optical zoom and VGA video recording) lagged behind those of the best compact cameras today, though 10 or 12 MP sensors and ISO ranges from 50 - 1600 were more in line with modern standards.

Features aside, when you are purchasing a camera, what you really want to know is which camera will consistently produce the best image quality. And on that front this review quickly turned into a story of two groups of cameras, with the Canon D10 and Pentax W60 producing better results in pretty much any situation than the Fujifilm Z33 or the two Olympus Tough models.

Waterproof Cameras

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