Feb 3, 2008

100 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Beautiful Art

Each one starts as a thumbnail that can be hovered over to display more information. A truly great resource.

Visit 100 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Beautiful Art

One example is this one:


The idea behind this image was fairly simple – the profile of a young woman. I had a reasonably clear picture in my head before I started, the girl’s expression, the art nouveau abstraction of her hair and headwear, and the visual style. I wanted to use blue, since I feel that my art relies a bit too heavily on warm palettes. You can clearly see the influence of some of my favourite artists; Alphonse Mucha, Moebius and Yoshitaka Amano. Blue was created with Adobe Photoshop 7.0, but these techniques can be applied to all the most recent versions. I use a Wacom Graphics tablet.