Jan 23, 2008

Great Photoshop Brushes You can Download

The PhotoshopRoadmap has put together a collection of 100 high-resolution brushes for Photoshop that are ripe for the browsing. Some looked more useful than others to me but the quality of the collection is still impressive. The article also provides some choice links to other Photoshop brush resources. Read 100 Awesome High Resolution Photoshop Brushes.

Photoshop Support Brushes

One of the best Photoshop brushes page available. It gathers links to some of the finest brush designers on the web. There you will find some amazing Photoshop brushes sets created exclusively for this site.

Brushes at Obsidian Dawn

Stephanie is a talented artists and a regular contributor to The Photoshop Roadmap. At her site she offers a vast gallery of beautifully designed brushes that you can download for free.

500ml Brushes

Loads and loads of unique and high quality Photoshop brushes. Go there and download them all.

Valhalla Vania Brushes

A great selection of high quality brushes.

Mutsie’s Brushes

An excellent collection of frame brushes of all kind. Lots of creative ideas.

Sage Brushes

A collection of beautiful classy brushes. Some commercial, some for free. .

Brusheezy, Ps Brush, Get Brushes, Ps Brushes, Chez Plumeau, Photoshop Mosaic and The Photoshop Roadmap

Photoshop Brushes directories.

Deviant Art Photoshop Brushes Section

Although I’ve been browsing this site for three days, I wasn’t able to reach the last page of the Photoshop brushes section. Huge Photoshop brushes source. The largest of all sites mentioned in this article.

10,000 Photoshop Brushes Collection from GraphicXtras

If you still believe you need more brushes, take a look at this commercial collection.