Dec 12, 2007

Web Hosting Choice

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I get a lot of people asking me about web hosting for their photography sites. When they mean web hosting, they aren't talking about photo hosting sites like Webshots or Photobucket, they want a way to have complete control over the site with their own domain name and layout.

For most of us shared, or virtual hosting is a cost effective solution. Most us us do not need a fully dedicated web host for just one website. This is quite costly. I generally recommend folks shop around for a shared hosting solution. One site where you can compare dozens of hosting packages is at Web Hosting Choice. They have a large directory of web hosts that you can look through to find a host. In fact Web Hosting Choice offers a complete guide for web hosting with an educational area in which beginners and veterans can learn new things about hosting.

These guys do not off hosting themselves which tells me they aren't trying to push one or the other package at you although I do imagine they receive a finders fee for signing you up with someone.

Be sure to read their Scams page too, as hosting is a business some less that honest people have decided to exploit. For instance, any host that offers "unlimited bandwidth" just isn't being honest.

Visit Web Hosting Choice.