Nov 20, 2007

Take Great Landscape Photographs

Take Great Landscape Photographs
With Any Camera And A Few Basic Accessories!

"Landscape photography is at the same time one of the easiest and most difficult subjects to approach. It is easy because landscapes are so familiar and accessible - they are all around us, and by now most of the obvious scenic views are cataloged tourist attractions with established viewpoints. In addition, landscapes are pretty permanent; they don't move, and so all that is necessary is to get there with a camera. Finally, for the simplest shot, there are no extreme technical difficulties."

Get Your Copy Of The "The Science of Great Landscape Photography" Now Only $19.95

Here's what you'll learn:

Find out what landscape photography is all about
The basics of photography and why they're so important
How ISO Speed, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Focal Length and Depth of Field inter-relate
A technique called Hyper focal Focusing for maximizing your photos
The importance of filters for your camera and the best ones to use
How and when to use Graduated, Polarizing, Neutral Density and ultra violet filters
The best times to take landscape photos

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