Nov 15, 2007

Make Money From Your Photos using Photrade

Photrade is a really sweet new service by the looks of things. It’s a free place to host your images BUT it makes you money. Its kind of like flikr meets mugshots meets cafepress…… and a lot more.

  • 1. Get Paid for Every View of Your Photos

  • 2. Get Paid for Every Click on Your Photos

  • 3. Get Paid when Anyone Links to Your Photos

  • 4. Name Your Price for Your Prints (don’t worry we do the printing/shipping)

  • 5. Name Your Price for Companies who want to Use your Photos

  • You earn ad revenue each time a unique user views your page. Depending on how relevant the tags on your photos are, the more targeted the ads will be. Targeted ads generate more revenue. There isn’t an exact formula or rate for each ad since it depends on several factors including relevancy, number of views as well as number of times people click on the Ad.

    What do you have to lose? Try it and see how much $$ you make!