Nov 15, 2007

Free Digital Photography Course

Even if you know nothing about your digital camera, a FREE email course I found on the Internet can teach you the secrets for creating fantastic shots. This Digital Photo Secrets e-course is sent to you via email -- every day for 3 weeks. I checked out this guy and the email course is legit and pretty good to boot. and really, how can you argue with free?

All you have to do is follow this link and enter your name and email address in the form. You’ll get "Part 1" of their e-course immediately.

Here’s is Darren Rowse’s of DigitalPhotographySchool testimonial-

David offers a free digital photography tips course. The course is free and comes to you every day or three via email so that you can concentrate on working on tips one at a time. The ’secrets’ are easy to read and good solid tips and techniques that should help those starting out through to more experienced users.

- Darren Rowse, Digital Photography Blog

One more bonus! They also offer 267 Simple Tips for Sensational Photos