Jul 27, 2007

Shozam Announces Web Gallery Generator

Three months after its beta launch, “anti”-photo sharing website Shozam has announced the release of the Shozam Web Gallery Generator, which creates Web galleries for users to showcase digital media. The generator is released in conjunction with Komotion Inc.

“If a service goes out of business, the gallery - and the work and time that went into it - can disappear. Even worse, precious photos can be lost,” said Razvan Neagu, President and CEO of Komotion, in a press release. “With Shozam, users create their own photo Web sites and stay in control of their media.”

Content is imported and can be customized by the user with captions, audio, and themes. The generator allows for seven different page layouts that can be uploaded to any Web host.

“Why would anyone give up ownership of their images, and let others take control and make money from them?“ Neagu said. “Shozam eliminates the need for online photo sites which can over-compress photos, clutter the site with ads, impose restrictions, or require minimum purchases of add-ons like prints and calendars.”

The Shozam Web Gallery Generator is available in five editions, starting at $50. A Business Plus edition has been added to the site, which previous only hosted a Business edition. The Business Plus edition allows for the removal of the Shozam credit line. A lite edition is available for free, but does not allow for audio, video or text.

Shozam is compatible with Microsoft Windows and offers a free trial on its website.