May 2, 2007

Taking Great Digital Photos Every Time

If you want to really learn digital photography... if you have a digital camera but don't understand half of its features... if you are considering moving up from an old "film-style" camera to a digital camera but aren't quite sure what kind of camera to get... this may interest you.

You see, digital photography is not complicated once you know a few basics. In fact, it's way easier than "regular old photography". I stumbled across this website which produces a guide called Digital Photography Mastery.

Here's some of what's inside...

  • All about going digital - the hows and whys of digital photography, and why it makes your photographs better. (page 6-10)

  • Photography 101 - yes, this is the world's quickest & simplest "get up to speed" guide on taking great pictures. (page 12-14)

  • Choosing a camera - If you don't have a camera yet, or you're thinking of getting a different one, this checklist will make your choice simple. (pages 14-17)

  • Accessories you need - hey, don't let camera salesperson load you up with a bunch of junk you don't need. Here's what you do need - plain & simple. (page 18)

Read on... Digital Photography Mastery