Feb 5, 2007

Free Introduction to Photography Course

Here is a free, workshop-centered course in the Visual Arts Program at MIT, featuring several student projects. The course combines practical instruction, field trips, group discussions, and individual reviews intended to foster a critical awareness of how images in our culture are produced and constructed. Student-initiated term projects are at the core of this exploration of the relationship of image to language and issues of interpretation and personal history. Besides, this course also offers practical instruction in basic black and white techniques, digital imaging, fundamentals of camera operation, lighting, film exposure, development and printing. Course provides opportunity for continued exploration.

Abstract: Investigates fundamental issues in photography, both analog and digital, and the nature of the photographic image as well as nontraditional ways of exploring the photographic vision. Explores relationship of image to language as well as the issues of meaning, interpretation, and their relationship to culture. Lab fee. Limited enrollment.


Downloadable docs
Language: English with translations in Portuguese and Spanish

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