Feb 17, 2007

ACDSee Pro Photo Manager

The Imaging Resource have done a full review on ACDSee Pro, calling it a pixel data editor and says it compares not to Aperture and Lightroom but to Photoshop Elements. I would agree. Where Aperture and Lightroom edit mostly jpeg header data, ACDSee is a full fledged photo editor.

"Your camera may have shipped with free image editing software. If not, there are several free options out there including Picasa and Irfanview. But there isn’t a free Windows workflow tool. And as soon as you take a few hundred images, you’re going to wish there were.

Fortunately for Windows users, ACDSee is an inexpensive workflow tool. And there’s really not much ACDSee Pro can’t do. If you shoot just JPEGs, it’s a fabulous bargain at $40. If you shoot Raw, it’s only a bit less compelling at $129.99, particularly since it does not offer metadata editing of image characteristics (although you can batch edit IPTC metadata like copyright). And that’s really our biggest qualm about recommending the product.

But it provides a single environment to import, sort, catalog, edit, create HTML pages and contact sheets, archive and track your image collection. And while we may have qualms about the interface, the horsepower behind the application makes a very sweet sound."

Acdsee Professional

Read the full review here..

I have used ACDSee products over the years, always upgrading to their latest version, and love the flexibility it provides me.