Jan 24, 2007

FREE Online Photography Course

I just saw this item on Digg so thought I might feature it here. Jodies Coston's Free Online Photography Course

This course is free and open to the public. Lessons include the following:

Lesson 1:
Composition And Impact - It's A Beautiful Photograph, But Do You Know WHY It's Beautiful?

Lesson 2:
Aperture And Shutter Speed - How They Work Together.

Lesson 3:
The lens - choosing camera optics.

Lesson 4:
ISO, Grain, Transparency vs. Negative, Specialty Films

Lesson 5:
Fun Effects - Camera Filters, Soft Focus, Zooming And Panning

Lesson 6:
Landscape, Nature and Travel Photography

Lesson 7:
Portraits And Studio Lighting

Lesson 8:
Studio Lighting - Still Life and Product Photography

Lesson 9:
Tying It All Together

Lesson 10:
Special Requests

Jodie Coston is a freelance photographer who lives in northwestern Montana. She has exhibited her work in gallery exhibitions around the world and has won numerous international awards for her images.