Jan 29, 2007

Canon SD900 Digital Camera Review

The 10.0 megapixel PowerShot SD900 Digital ELPH takes the marriage of style and substance to a new level, by offering an array of user-friendly features along with faster response time and a new face detection autofocus system that keeps subjects in focus no matter where they appear in the frame. With its sinuous perpetual curve design elegantly clad in pure titanium, the PowerShot SD900 ELPH is visually arresting. But what’s inside is just as impressive: a powerful 10.0 megapixel CCD, 3x optical zoom and newly developed DIGIC III Image Processor.

DPReview have a fresh review up of the SD900. Here’s what they said about tit-

"The SD900’s biggest selling-point for us is simple; it offers some of the best (perhaps the best) image quality in this category, but if we’re being honest we’re not talking quantum leaps here, and the typical user of this type of camera, producing small prints, is unlikely to really see a significant advantage. If you like a touch of luxury (which the build and finish definitely give you) and want a ’point and shoot’ camera that offers reliably high quality output suitable for decent enlargements, the SD900 is certainly a worthy competitor. We just feel that in this, the most competitive and fastest-moving sector of the market, the SD900 will, for many users, have priced itself out of the running.

The SD900 comes as close as possible to a ’Highly Recommended’ (and if exclusivity and pixel level image quality is more important to you than features or price it probably deserves one), but for us it misses by a whisker."

10-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 18 x 24-inch prints
3x optical zoom; 2.5-inch LCD display
Sleek titanium body and perpetual curve design; touch-control dial for increased usability
Stores images on SD cards; powered by Lithium-ion rechargeable battery NB-5L
ISO now ranges from 80-1600; now supports SDHC cards (Secure Digital cards with over 2 GB capacity)

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