Nov 26, 2006

Digital Cameras Gift Guide 2006

If you are looking for the gift that lasts a lifetime in memories, Photoxels has a digital camera gift guide up, just in time for Christmas.  They have divided their list into three categories.

Point and Shoot (P&S)

As their name implies, these digital cameras are Point-and-Shoot simple to use. They have AUTO mode for general shooting, plus many Scene Modes to tackle special shooting situations.


When you are ready to go past point-and-shoot and want to learn more about how to use your digital camera to take great pictures, you need a digital camera that provides exposure flexibility and allows you to experiment.

Digital SLRs

For the best image quality and fast response times, nothing beats a digital SLR. Choose carefully and you can find one that will suit your specialized photographic needs -- especially with the addition of interchangeable lenses, filters, external flash units and other accessories you may never see offered for a non-DSLR camera.

You'll find the guide here.