Oct 14, 2006

How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way

Over on Photojojo website they remind us about Photo-a-day projects, or Project365.  Starting a project wherein you take at least one photo a day for a full year is a great way to improve your photography skills.  I did it once for a year solid and it really helped me force myself to look at the world in a more creative and analytical way.  Don't get discouraged if every photo you take isn't a prize winner.  It's about you and your growth

My PAD (photo-a-day) galleries are here.  I host my galleries on PBase who has a special place for photographers doing photo-a-day projects and people from all over the world share and compare their works. 

photo a day

I highly recommend this type of project if you are a budding photographer!