Sep 15, 2006

Photo sharing and the future of photography

An interesting read over at

"It’s an exciting time for photography. Traditional, professional photographers have seen their share of the photography market erode to legions of digital camera wielding amateurs. At the same time, many people who might never have considered calling themselves a photographer are doing just that. The entire photographic landscape is shifting—for the better, I think, despite the fact that, in the short term, some pros are feeling the pinch. As in other markets, increased competition and supply lead to lower prices. Of course, sites like Flickr, the rise of micro-stock, and the availability of low-cost, high-quality digital cameras aren’t going to destroy the traditional photography industry. But those pressures are creating a new kind of photographer and a new kind of market for photography."

Very true. I am an amateur yet I now sell to Stock Agencies online, and make good recurring money doing it.

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