Aug 23, 2006

One Fuji S4 Pro Please

I came across a blog posting by Derrel who longs for the next top of the line model from Fujifilm, speculated to be called the S4 Pro (following the S2 and S3 Pro). With Fuji DSLRs Derrel writes, it's all about the quality of the photos their cameras capture. The S3 wasn't very fast, compared to the rest of the field. Although these cameras are out of my league, I still like to read about them, and I think it's time Fuji hinted as to when we might see the S4. (maybe Photokina?)

"Price-wise, I expect Fuji's S4 will enter the USA market priced at $2400 or so. Why that price? Well,they did it with the S2 at $2400,and they did it with the S3 at $2500. Nikon premiered the D100 at $1699, and Nikon premiered the D200 at $1699. Sounds reasonable to me. An S4 will likely hit the market priced at $2400--or more."

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