May 17, 2006

Using Your Camera as a Digital Archiving Tool

Digital Video Blog has a good post about an often overlooked use for your digital camera; as an archival tool. Jay Corrao has some good ideas and methods, and has me thinking of lots of things I could and should be taking photos of. Here's a teaser-
Wouldn't it be nice to have a collection of your most important personal documents; wills, living wills, insurance information, investment information all in one safe and secure place? If you take well lit, focused snapshots of documents with your camera at high resolution you can then import the images to your PC or Mac and burn them onto CD or DVD media; that way your documents can be stored in one place and easily accessible. If you don�t own a digital camera or a computer for that matter don�t worry, you can simply ask for your images to be put on a CD when you get your pictures developed. Once your pictures are on CD they can be saved and output later if needed. Photos that have been digitized in this manner remain intact and unchanged. They do not fade, yellow, or degrade with age. And since CD media is said to have a shelf life of 50 years or more when stored correctly you are basically future proofing your images as well.

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