May 24, 2006

A Quick Review of SmugMug

By Richard McMillan
SmugMug, the online photo sharing service, has several outstanding features that have resulted in a faithful following; indeed it can be counted as among the best photo sharing services in the world.

Users can upload an unlimited number of photos, there are no ads to distract while browsing the site, sharing and uploading is quick and efficient, and the site offers unlimited storage. The site does not offer a free membership upon furnishing credit card details. All the same, the website, offers a 7-day free trial that allows users to get a feel of its services.

One can avail the services of SmugMug via three account types – Standard, Power User, and Professional. A Standard account costs $ 39.95 and comes packed with a host of benefits that allow adding and sharing of photos with just a click, a URL for the individual, and photo enhancement tools among other facilities. A Power User account costs $ 59.95 per annum; it offers all the benefits of the standard account plus the facility of replacing the SmugMug header and footer with the customer’s own. A Professional account costs $ 149.95 per annum and allows users to trade in photos and make money.

One can upload photographs in more than one way with SmugMug. Windows users can drag and drop photos, photos can also be uploaded in batches for Windows and Mac users as well as by those who use Netscape and Linux. Video clips of up to 8 MB per clip can be uploaded and played in the gallery. Photos saved on SmugMug can be printed on a home printer; high quality gloss, matte, and luster prints in 26 different sizes can be ordered from SmugMug. Visitors to a user’s home page on SmugMug can browse the photos without having to provide their email address or create their own account.

SmugMug is particular about maintaining decorum as would befit a family site. Uploading and display of content displaying explicit nudity is prohibited. SmugMug has an efficient customer support system that includes a detailed Help page covering several topics, a user forum, and problem resolving via email.

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