May 16, 2006

New Digital Photography Book for Advanced Beginners and Amateur Photographers

PRESS RELEASE: New Digital Photography Book for Advanced Beginners and Amateur Photographers

All Things Photography release a new book aimed at amateur photographers with particular emphasis on Digital Photography and the popular Digital SLR.

London, UK (PRWEB) March 12, 2006 -- Whilst many "how to" and "learn this" photography books fill their pages with technical jargon, complicated diagrams and images taken from a stock library, this book is quite different.

100% of the example images in the book are taken by the author, a qualified professional photographer with 20+ year's experience, meaning that when he says how the shot was taken, you can rest assured that he is right.

"When you purchase a new DSLR these days, you are given a very comprehensive manual that not many people read, a bundle of software, a few cables and then you are just left to get on with it. It can be very frustrating when you realise that even on "Fully Automatic" mode, you still need the basic skills in order to capture beautiful images."

This book takes you by the hand and explains in great detail exactly how to get the best shots at the point of exposure, actually while you are at the scene. It is the same as having a personal tutor by your side without the added expense.

"With the advance of digital camera technology and photo-editing software, it is understandable that many new photographers become overwhelmed with the technical side of photography and forget to study the basic principles and rules of picture taking. If you can capture an image exactly how you want it at the point of exposure, you save yourself so much time later on and you still have a great "original file" with which you can manipulate to your hearts content"!

The book covers all the important aspects of digital photography including;

Metering, exposure, exposure lock, bracketing, composition, shutter speeds and apertures, ISO, white balance, RAW/JPEG, focussing, lenses, subjects and lighting.

It is written in an easy to understand dialogue as though you were attending a personal tutorial or seminar, here are some recent testimonials:

"Love it...The exposure compensation page was highly informative for me and the examples are brilliant..."

"...Well, I wasn’t going to admit what I am about to tell you but I feel I really should because this is precisely how your writing turns a light on for me, I had a Light Bulb moment, as it were..."

"The kind of things you share (like your own personal thoughts and ways of thinking) are the kind of things that are always left out of other photo books but are essential to doing the job right. Thank you for being so generous. "

The book is backed up by a 300+ page website and even explains how to get started on the road to becoming a full time professional photographer.

For more information, visit:

Nick has a career and passion for photography spanning two and a half decades. He was recently voted "International Commercial Photographer of the Year 2005" by the S.W.P.P and B.P.P.A (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and British Professional Photographers Association).


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