Apr 19, 2006

Kodak Unveils Archival Storage Solution

With the average silver CD-R lasting only 5-15 years, Kodak released a storage solution that will last much longer. Kodak manufactured 24 karat gold CD and DVD discs that will last 300 years. Kodak affiliate KMP Media is distributing the products in spindles for commercial use and jewel cases for consumers.

The Kodak DVDs last 80-100 years, while the CDs last the full 300 years. The archival quality of the discs is credited to the gold reflective outer layer that won’t tarnish or oxidize. The triple protected discs are designed to last through hot days in the sun and other adverse conditions. The storage component of the discs is constructed from phtalocyanine dye and sandwiched in layers of gold and other tough protective material.