Feb 2, 2006

Phase One adjusts production capacity of P-series camera backs

NEWS! -: "Phase One A/S, Copenhagen, (Thursday, February 02, 2006): Phase One, the world leader in digital imaging solutions, increases production capacity of its new P-series digital camera backs in response to high demand.

Orders for both the P 30 and P 45 have exceeded Phase One’s initial projections. The new backs only became available in December and already over 1000 have been shipped.

Increasing production will fulfill all existing order commitments by the end of April. It will also ensure the market is well supplied for future expected demand.

Why the demand?
The P 45 and P 30 are the superior choice of available digital camera backs for professional digital photographers.

The P 45 is the ultimate digital camera back and intended primarily for commercial photographers in the advertising and marketing fields. It offers unsurpassed image quality with its 39 mega pixel sensor and 117 MB per file size capabilities.

UK based photographer Trevor Burton of BlackBlue Photographic said: 'The quality of the P 45 is outstanding... One of my competitors did not believe that such a high pixel camera back existed, until I pointed out to him that I had one'

The P 30 is aimed at the world’s leading fashion, portrait and social photographers. It couples a fast capture rate of 45 frames per minute with incredible image quality using its 31.6 mega pixel sensor.

Both backs offer superior sharpness, virtually Moir�free captures, perfect skin tone shading and the smoothest transition and tonal range.

Phase One's software strategy puts the photographer first
Photographers using Phase One’s products gain a unique competitive advantage. By concentrating on the requirements of professional photographers, Phase One’s tools adjust to the needs of photographers rather than making photographers adjust to their tools. Focus is placed on the moment of capture resulting in an unrivalled end product. The combination of Phase One digital camera backs with Capture One workflow software streamlines the postproduction process making it easy for photographers to reproduce complicated looks and styles. Phase One’s strategy of industry leading, uncompromised quality has been a key driver in the demand for the P-series digital camera backs.

The new P 21 back
The demand for the P 30 and P 45 bodes well for the success of the latest addition to Phase One’s P-series digital camera backs — the P 21.

At 60 frames per minute, the P 21 offers the fastest capture rate of the three new camera backs, but still delivers high quality end results by creating 54 MB processed image files. The P 21 will begin shipping at the end of March 2006.

Espen Beck, Product Manager, Phase One said: “The demand for our new P Series digital camera backs confirms Phase One’s position as the world leader in digital imaging solutions for professional photographers. We’re confident that the P 21 will prove as successful as the P 30 and P 45 when we begin shipping it in March.”"