Jan 31, 2006

Leica - 30 Years of the Leica Gallery:

Leica - 30 Years of the Leica Gallery:: "The Leica Gallery is celebrating its 30th anniversary in the year 2006. To commemorate this occasion, the exhibition program is again spanning the whole range of 35mm photography from fine-art to documentary with a total of twelve international photo exhibitions, one for every month of the year. The opening of the Leica Gallery in the year 1976 with an exhibition of Stern photographer Eberhard Seeliger marked the beginning of Leica culture projects. This was followed in 1979 by the first Leica Oskar Barnack competition and numerous other activities to do with photographic culture. The Leica gallery has been accommodated in the entrance hall of Leica Camera AG's factory in Oskar-Barnack-Strasse since 1988 and gives world-famous as well as young aspiring Leica photographers the chance to present outstanding achievements in an exhibition. "