Oct 14, 2005

Olympus SLR Leaves Others In The Dust

Olympus has just recently introduced their new EVOLT E-500 digital SLR. Looks like the E-500 has many of the same features as the E-300 but it has as more traditional (YAY!) body, a larger LCD display, new noise reduction software, and more. The EVOLT E-500 is their third camera in their Four-thirds system, this camera could be their finest offering yet.

HardwareZone.com just posted an article entitled: Olympus’ 8MP E-500 Digital SLR Leaves Others In The Dust, and obviously they like this camera a lot. They say-
"In recent years, digital photography has rapidly gained popularity and become affordable for just about everyone, benefiting the increasing numbers of photographers who are now demanding higher quality and flexibility that can only be achieved with an SLR camera, coupled with interchangeable lenses, external flash systems and other accessories. With the Olympus E-500, the promise of creative digital SLR photography is now within everyone’s reach. "

This isn't a review though. It reads like a press release from Olympus so not too much meat there.
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