Oct 3, 2005

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z6 review

I just can't get over the oddball look to this thing. Regardless, the high performance 6.0-megapixel Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z6 digital camera features a built-in 12x optical Mega Zoom lens, Konica Minolta’s system, rapid autofocus (AF), and excellent battery performance. The Z6 offers Konica Minolta’s proprietary, Rapid AF with Predictive Focus Control for fast overall responsiveness, built-in flash and excellent battery performance.

LetsGoDigital.org have posted their Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z6 review
They said-
"In a nutshell: we may consider the Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z6 a fine successor of the DiMAGE Z5 camera, without extraordinary changes. The resolution raise doesn't bring a lot in terms of percentage, but in the long run it will prove to be the perfect choice when the lower resolution DiMAGE Z5 version will disappear. The camera is all-round applicable, offers an excellent innovation: the Anti-Shake system and moreover; its design nicely stands out from the crowd. Price / quality ratio is excellent and Konica Minolta brings a very attractive digital camera into the market that will certainly not be a flash in the pan. Here's one to stay, a definite must! "