Oct 5, 2005

Kodak EasyShare Picture Viewer review

Kodak's EasyShare Picture Viewer is unique; a genuinely thin, light and durable pocket-sized electronic photo album. But is it any more than the back end of a digital camera?

DPNow.com have posted a Kodak EasyShare Picture Viewer review and in it conclude-
"Kodak seems to doing a lot of innovating at the moment and I take my hat off to them for even thinking about doing something like the EasyShare Picture Viewer, let alone making it into a shipping product – there is nothing quite like it. It does fall into the category of things I'd fancy owning but probably wouldn't shell out for myself. But it would make a terrific, if pricey, gift."

Package Contents
  • KODAK EASYSHARE Picture Viewer


  • Protective case

  • USB cable

  • Insert for optional KODAK EASYSHARE Docks

  • Getting Started Kit