Oct 11, 2005

Kodak EASYSHARE-ONE review

Since it was announced earlier this year, the Kodak EASYSHARE-ONE - the world's first Wi-Fi consumer camera - has won hundreds of accolades from industry organizations and consumer electronics writers for its groundbreaking design and functionality, making it one of the most talked about digital photography products in years. The camera has 4 megapixels, a 3x Schneider-Kreuznach 3x optical zoom lens, and a large 3-inch touch screen LCD with 230,000 pixels. The large screen, coupled with 256 MB of internal memory, make the one a viable hybrid model – fusing digital imager with digital photo album. The built-in album can store up to 1,500 photos in folders or a calendar-type setup.
Kodak EasyShare One 4MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
Kodak EasyShare One 4MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
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DigitalCameraInfo.com have posted their Kodak EASYSHARE-ONE review, in short-
"The Kodak EasyShare-one begins its own genre by merging a digital camera with a digital photo album and infusing it with wireless technology. This EasyShare takes the traditional pointing and shooting technique to a new level. The camera includes 16 scene modes on a colorful interactive menu that appears on the bright 3-inch touch screen. Most of the modes and settings are automated, but the 4-megapixel imager still performs well. The Kodak EasyShare-one scored high on our resolution and noise tests, matching its impressive feature set. The one comes with 256 MB of internal memory and has the capacity to store 1,500 photographs. The EasyShare-one is the perfect gift for obsessive-compulsive people who are adamant about keeping their pictures organized. The Kodak one can automatically file photos into albums or can move pictures into other folders. Moving and organizing photos is simple with the large touch screen that has 230,000 pixels of resolution.

The Kodak EasyShare-one has a fairly ordinary front fa├žade that doesn’t do much to advertise its flashy feature set. The one retails for $599 and includes a wireless card that syncs with Kodak EasyShare Software, printers, personal computers, laptops, camera phones, and other wireless-enabled devices. This digital camera offers convenience at its best and unleashes the true potential of the digital image. The Kodak EasyShare-one was announced in January and took way too long to get to the market, as it was just released in October. However, Kodak makes up for the delay with a plush package that includes a 2-year warranty, 2 batteries (one to spare), a battery charger, a leather carrying case, a nice software package, and a host of promotions. Add an impressive imager to the lavish package and the EasyShare-one may impact the digital camera industry far beyond its sales."

Easy to use is what a lot of people want in a digital camera, and easy to use is what Kodak delivers.