Oct 5, 2005

Complete Digital Photography

Today, many of us have a digital camera – but do we really know how to use it?

There is no getting away from the fact that millions of us now take digital photographs, with many using cameras which are built into that everyday accessory we can’t do without - the mobile phone!

Complete Digital Photography is an easy-to-use and basic guide to mastering the essentials of digital photography. Aimed at the new digital camera user and those who simply wish to develop their skills a little further, this book will show you how to get the best out of that favourite new toy!
Complete Digital Photography, Third Edition (Digital Photography Series)

From taking a good picture to correcting mistakes or altering images for fun, author Tom Ang takes you through the basics to achieve optimum results in minimum time. He shows you how to improve tone, colour and sharpness; manipulate or distort images; improve exposure; how to work the zoom as well as the importance of timing and other techniques which help to produce a better photograph.

Complete Digital Photography gives practical tips on technique, printing and presentation as well as advice on basic equipment and specialist software including scanners and computing accessories. Learn how to organise your pictures for easy access and retrieval; how to send your photographs by email or include them on picture-sharing websites plus which paper and inks to use.

Complete Digital Photography is a user friendly guide which is sure to inspire anyone with a digital camera to have fun and experiment!