Oct 13, 2005

Choosing between a Prosumer and SLR digital camera

A new website called ilikecameras has a nice post called Choosing between bridge and DSLR by Paul Watson.

Paul takes a close look at so called "bridge" or "prosumer digital cameras" and whether they are worth it, considering now that entry level DSLR's are cheaper than ever. He covers many aspects of these products to consider. It's worth a read if you are looking at purchasing a digital camera in the coming months.

Paul concludes-
"It may sound that bridge cameras are all facade and no foundation from the above but really they are still fantastic. Many enthusiasts will be better served by a bridge camera than a DSLR as they are cheaper and offer more lens range.

But one should now be able to see why an entry-level DSLR is a viable option and not in danger from bridge cameras. Hopefully with the upcoming Christmas season you can now choose the right camera for yourself or a friend without being bamboozled by marketing and specification driven hype. "