Oct 3, 2005

Canon Zoom Browser 5.5 for Windows Released

Changes in Canon ZoomBrowser EX 5.5 from ZoomBrowser EX 5.2.1 are as follows.

1. Added new functions in ZoomBrowser EX 5.5

a) You can now simply print one image per sheet of paper.
The [Print 1 Image per Page] menu was added. You can simply print one image per page and also print the shooting date on the image by using this menu.
b) When making index prints, it is possible to select the shooting information to print.
When printing the shooting information, such as the white balance or the shutter speed, you can select any of those items to print.
c) A new function has been added to extract frames from a movie and save them as images (for Windows XP only).
d) It now has the following new image-editing functions.
  • Level adjustment

  • Tone Curve

  • Sharpness adjustment

  • Auto adjustment

  • Insert text

  • Redeye correction

e)It is now possible to change the color scheme of the browsing area.

2. Improved major functions

a) The usability of scroll mode has been improved by adding folder opening/closing buttons, for example.
b) The software has been optimized to reduce the amount of time for importing images.
c) You can now easily recognize the destinations of imported images because those folders will be marked.
d) Shooting information displays have been improved.
e) The shooting information is now displayed in a table
f) The shooting information can now be displayed simultaneously with the image.

3. The specifications for rotating images have been changed.
a) Images taken vertically with the camera will be no longer rotated when they are imported. Only the on-screen image will be rotated. Please note that the previous settings will remain when updating from a previously installed version of ZoomBrowser.