Oct 9, 2005

Canon Powershot A410 3.2MP Digital Camera review

Others digital camera manufacturers are abandoning the 3-megapixel market to camera phones, but not . The Canon PowerShot A410 replaces the PowerShot A400 with a modified body design and a bump up to a 3x zoom lens from 2.2x.

New features on the A410 include:
  • 3.2x optical zoom lens (versus 2.2x)
  • Refined body; only comes in one color (versus four on the A400)
  • DIGIC II image processor
  • Improved battery life
  • Improved continuous shooting and movie modes

Canon Powershot A410 3.2MP Digital Camera with 3.2x Optical Zoom

DigitalCameraResourcePage.com have posted a Canon PowerShot A410 review and in it comment-
"While it's not terribly exciting from the spec sheet, the Canon PowerShot A410 is a pretty good entry-level digital camera. Even so, I'd probably recommend that most folks pay a bit more for a more full-featured camera (like Canon's A510).

The PowerShot A410 is as good entry-level camera and if you don't mind some of the missing or crippled features, it's a nice camera for the money. If you like what've you seen but you want a more capable camera then I'd point you to the next step up in Canon's lineup: the PowerShot A510 (see our review). For $50 more you get a 4X zoom lens, larger/brighter LCD, full manual controls (which you may not need now, but you might want them in the future), support for conversion lenses, and more."