Sep 12, 2005

Pentax Optio SVi Review

Designed in line with the same basic development concept as all other PENTAX digital cameras of having excellent portability and ease of use, the 5.0 megapixel Optio SVi delivers a powerfully high zoom ratio and achieves outstanding image quality in an ultra-compact, lightweight package. It is a perfect pocket companion for photography enthusiasts, intermediate photographers and advanced beginners.

Trusted Reviews have just posted their review of the Pentax SVi and I quote-
"An excellent photographer’s camera at a very reasonable price – the SVi has a lot of creative versatility and the image quality to back it up. Superb build quality, nice handling and an attractive design make it an outstanding all-round camera, especially for the more ambitious photographer or newcomer who wants a camera that will let them learn. Very slow start-up, sluggish performance and slow autofocus system are handicaps however."

Pentax Optio SVi

Pentax Optio SVi

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