Sep 27, 2005

Nikon D50 Receives DIWA Gold Medal Award

Amsterdam, 23. September, 2005: DIWA (Digital Imaging Websites Association), a world-wide organisation of collaborating websites, today announce a DIWA Gold Award to the budget-friendly Nikon D50 digital system camera.

Nikon is a major contributor to the enormous increase in popularity and sales presently boosting the D-SLR camera market. Most popular of all their models, is the D50, thanks to its perfect balance between performance and price. Virtually all vital features found in the more expensive models, are also installed into the Nikon D50, making it capable of shooting the same high quality images with 6.1 Megapixel resolution. DIWA experts found the D50 to be pleasantly robust built, and delivering professional quality images, despite its amateur status.

The DIWA camera experts conclude unanimously: “The recent development of low-priced D-SLRs is a gift to all ambitious photographers who take their imaging seriously. Nikon D50 is among the most successful creations in this respect. The Nikon D50 package is within reach for any budget-conscious photo amateur, yet providing performances that recently were reserved for professionals or wealthy enthusiasts�.

Despite its targeted audience, the Nikon D50 offers state-of-the-art features like RAW format and RAW+JPEG quality, three choices of RGB colour space, virtually unlimited continuous shooting with 2.5 fps, well reputed 3D Color Matrix precision metering, bracketing of exposure, flash and white balance, i-TTL flash control and a flexible 5-points AF system with an AF assistance lamp.

Extensive and merciless testing of individual samples of the D50 proved that its good specifications and actual performance made a perfect match. The overall image quality were hardly distinguishable from much more expensive cameras, whilst the D50 scored even higher in terms of user friendliness and camera handling. The summary of all DIWA tests proved the Nikon D50 to be indisputably worthy of a DIWA Gold Award.

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