Sep 19, 2005

Kodak EasyShare Picture Viewer Review

Pocket-Lint has posted a Kodak EasyShare Picture Viewer Review and rated it 7 out of 10.

They said-
"While we have to commend Kodak for producing a truly attractive little viewer that is sure to win over many enthusiastic owners, it’s still quite hard to understand the thinking behind it, particularly as there are today, a growing number digital cameras with the same size (or bigger) screen and that are not much physically bigger than this viewer-only device.

Battery life is a little limited too with a modest three to three and a half hours viewing time from a single full charge and the battery is non-user changeable, so you can’t buy a spare to have handy – just in case. Given its price of around £100 it looks pricey too.

Technically, it’s a nice, well-made device but if it were about £20 cheaper, it would have gained a few extra points on this test and would have been more heartily recommended."