Sep 21, 2005

Kodak EasyShare One digital camera hands on first looks review

Combine a huge 3" rotating LCD screen with a massive 256MB internal memory and wireless sharing, and you get this amazing new Kodak EasyShare One 4MP digital camera. The 3" rotating display has an interactive touch screen with stylus and menu options. The 256MB internal memory stores up to 1500 of your favorite images, plus there's a SD/MMC card expansion slot for more memory. The camera can transfer pictures and videos to your PC without USB cables with an optional Kodak Wi-Fi card (sold separately) and is compatible with in-home networks and public hotspots.
Kodak EasyShare One 4MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
DPNow has just posted a Kodak EasyShare One digital camera hands on first looks review and in it says-
"There is no doubt that the Kodak EasyShare One is a remarkable camera because it offers two key features that have been absent in a consumer stills camera to date: broadband wireless connectivity and touch-screen operability. Why either of these assets has taken so long to arrive is a mystery as touch screens are now routinely featured in the specifications of many camcorders and the SDIO Wi-Fi adapter technology used by the EasyShare One has been around for several years."

I'm actually glad that Kodak hasn't tried to jam as many mega-pixels into this package as possible; it only has 4 mega-pixels. Maybe it's a sign the mega-pixel race is over and consumers are wising up.