Sep 14, 2005

Intemos Makes Light Work Of Cleaning DSLR Sensors

Intemos Makes Light Work Of Cleaning DSLR Sensors

A step by step video guide to cleaning digital SLR sensors is launched online today by Intemos, the optical cleaning specialists.

“We have produced this user-friendly video to show how easily sensor cleaning can be carried out,” said Intemos MD Andrew Stagg.

“I have spoken to many digital camera owners weary of cleaning their sensors because they are concerned about damaging them. With this video we wanted to show what a simple procedure it really is and that it can be completed with ease in a few seconds.”

Intemos products come with a unique user guarantee – a complete refund within 30 days is offered if users aren’t satisfied. Or, in the unlikely event that a sensor is damaged while using Intemos’s products correctly, the company will fix it.

“In reality it is very difficult to damage the sensor through cleaning. Once people see how easy it is to use, they don’t look back – which is why we have shipped over 10,000 DSLRClean sensor cleaning swabs to date,” said Andrew.

The video is available to digital SLR camera owners by logging onto to where they can download either a broadband version for high speed connections or a version suitable for lower speed connections.

If camera owners are still worried about using any of Intemos’s range of products they can call 0845 370 1771 (UK only) or (44) 117 905 5375 to be guided through the process.

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