Sep 23, 2005

Casio Exilim EX-P505 Digital Camera Review

The Casio Exilim EX-P505 is a palm-sized, high-performance digital camera with amazing still image and video capability. The EX-P505 features a 5X optical zoom, a 5.0 megapixel CCD imager, Casio’s EXILIM engine, and a large 2-inch TFT color rotating screen that makes angle shots easy. It offers the same manual operation found on the EX-P600 and EX-P700, as well as high-quality video shooting capability at 30 frames per second, in VGA thanks to the incorporation of MPEG-4 technology. today posted their Casio Exilim EX-P505 Digital Camera Review. Here's a short quote from their site-
"The Casio Exilim EX-P505 is the Swiss Army knife of digital cameras; it tries to impress every segment of the market there is. It can impress point-and-shoot users with its automatic and extremely comprehensive list of best shot scene modes. The P505 also has manual functionality for those more advanced photographers. For those camcorder enthusiasts, there are four movie modes that shoot at full VGA resolution at 30 frames per second. The EX-P505 attracts kids with its extensive sound menu and toy-like size and feel. This Exilim aims to be a hybrid model with its camcorder-style LCD screen that rotates and its 5 megapixels of still imaging resolution.

While it does have lots of flashy and seemingly cool features, its basic functions are the parallel to those found on cheaper digital camera models – with the exception of its video recording capabilities. The four movie modes go above and beyond what any other compact digital camera can do in terms of video. The EX-P505 records stereo audio simultaneously and even has a unique Past Movie mode. For the $399.99 retail price, photographers can get a chunk of technology that will record their memories to JPEG or MPEG-4 files. The Casio Exilim EX-P505 has a small body and confusing menus, but its nice 5x optical zoom lens and cushy movie modes make this digital camera a contender in many market segments. "

Exilim EX-P505 Features:
* 5.1 Megapixel CCD imager for up to 2560x1920 pixel images
* Super-compact, durable and lightweight body
* 5x optical 38-190mm f/3.3-3.6 zoom, 8x digital zoom
* Three AF modes: Spot, Multi (7 focus areas) or Free (anywhere in frame)
* Automatic Macro focus coverage as close as 0.4"
* 2.0" rotating color LCD with histogram and EX-Finder displays
* Auto, BestShot (22 modes), Shutter-speed priority, Aperture priority, Full Manual and 4 Movie modes
* MPEG-4 motion video w/stereo sound, 640x480 @ 30/15fps or 320x240 @ 15fps
* Exposure metering: Multi-pattern, Center or Spot modes
* Exposure compensation: +/-2EV in 1/3-step increments
* Built-in ND filter reduces light by 2.0EV
* White Balance: Auto, 7 presets, manual WB
* Shutter speeds of 60 seconds to 1/2000 second
* Selectable ISO speeds from 50 to 400
* Record and attach up to 30 second audio notes to images
* Automatic popup flash with Flash Assist brightness correction
* Rechargeable Li-ion battery and rapid charger
* USB Direct-print with any PictBridge compatible printer
* ExifPrint (Exif 2.2) and PRINT Image Matching III compatibility
* High-speed USB 2.0 connectivity for PC and Mac
* 7.5MB internal memory + SD/MMC card slot