Jun 25, 2005

sReala Version 2 curve for Nikon D70

sReala version 2 is now available for download

sReala version 2 Tone curve User Features

- Essentially a correctional custom tone curve for the Nikon D70
- Corrects underexposure
- Maximizes the total amount of detail captured by the Nikon D70 sensor
- Maximizes details captured from black to white
- No bias on any part of the linear tone data
- E.g. no tonal shifting
- No colour shifting
- No un-natural re-production of tonal response
- Tone curve is calibrated to capture pure RAW accuracy
- Captures accurate colours
- Captures accurate contrast
- Curve is scientifically measured using charts to maximize the capability of the Nikon D70's digital sensor, see the technical specification for more details...

Technical Specification

- Calibrated based on 18% gray output
- Measured at 119 for 18% gray output based on RGB 709 CV data ouput values
- Calibrated to capture much more highlight detail
- Highlight mapping to147 to achieve pure white based on measured values
- Calibrated based on colour chart
- Measured the output of each colour square on the chart
- Tweaked the curve points to ensure the output data of the tone curve matches EXACTLY the expected reflectance of each colour on the colour chart.
- Tweaked the gamma to ensure exposure correction based on the reflectance output of cell 7 or medium gray from the colour chart based on an RGB 709 CV value of 119.
- Measuring the colour and gray scale based on charts the curve was tweaked to re-map the sensor exactly using the tone curve based on the reflectance data of the charts.
- This ensure pure accuracy, exposure correction and accurate colour output
- All these calibrations are within the contraints of the Nikon D70's digital sensor
- Calibrated on firmware version 2 and tested on version 1

Tone Curve Calibration information

- 2 different Nikon D70 bodies to calculate the difference in metering to produce a tone with an average exposure
- Assortment of lenses to calculate a target average exposure and calibration
- Measured using aRGB colour space to ensure the colour values from the colour chart were accurate and fair
- Camera settings : Hue 0, Sharpening 0, WB preset custom
- Measured tonal output from NEF data
- Colour Chart
- Grayscale chart

What it doesnt do

A lot of users require extra saturation and contrast out of camera to achieve that processed look.

- It doesn't shift curve points to add un-natural levels of contrast
- No shifting to improve colour saturation

This curve sReala, is all about providing accuracy and maximising the Nikon D70's digital sensor potential. Hence the name Real(a). Based on Fuji's negative film.

If you are looking for that post processed look out of camera be sure to check out the up and coming Optima version 2 curve!

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