Jun 3, 2005

Samsung releases the 8 megapixel Digimax V800

The Digimax V800, newly released by Samsung Camera, is an evolution of the Digimax V700, which was released early this year and has enjoyed a strong market response. According to a source from Samsung Camera, the company aims to lead in the 8 megapixel compact digital camera market, satisfying both amateur and enthusiast photographers with the Digimax V800.

The Digimax V800 is even faster than the Digimax V700 in operational speed. With the Digimax V800 providing faster booting and shot-to-shot speed for instant photography, a picture can be taken as soon as the power is turned on. Because the high-speed shot-to-shot capability allows continuous high-speed shooting, any subject can be safely captured without missing any of the action.

The Digimax V800 also provides powerful Manual functions for more advanced users who want to be more creative with their photography. Three kinds of manual exposure adjustment such as Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual adjustment, as well as Manual Focus allowing detailed focus control, are available. In particular, exposure can be easily adjusted using the jog dial on the top. Furthermore, an Auto Exposure Lock function enables you to configure a scene and set exposure as required.
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