Jun 21, 2005

Samsung Announces Pro815 Price

Samsung USA have today disclosed the price of the Samsung Pro815 digital camera, the hot new 8 megapixel digital camera with a whopping 15x optical zoom lens and a 3.5" LCD screen. The fully manual Pro815 sports a Schneider-Kreuznach lens and boasts a color data LCD screen for waist-level shooting, 2.5fps continuous mode and ISO 800.

An excerpt from the press release-
"New York, NY - Samsung Camera today announced the latest innovation in digital photography at the Samsung Experience in New York City; the Digimax Pro815. A best-in-class 8 mega-pixel digital camera, the Pro815 represents Samsung's commitment, as one of the world's leading innovators, to the advancement of technology in the digital arena. Featuring several "world's firsts," including the longest optical zoom and largest LCD, the Pro815 is sure to revolutionize the digital photography experience for consumers and elevate Samsung's stature amongst the competition.
Samsung Pro815 Price

Samsung Pro815

Highlighted by its world renowned Schneider optics, the Pro815 offers the world's longest optical zoom at 15x. With a 2/3" CCD sensor and high-quality f/2.2 ~ 4.6 Schneider 7.2mm ~ 108mm lens (equivalent to a 28 ~ 420mm lens in 35mm format), users can now capture ultra-crisp images in both wide angle and in telephoto from distances never before capable with a point and shoot digital camera. To cover even more distance, shooters can take advantage of the Pro815's 4x digital zoom, which puts a combined zoom of 60x, right at their fingertips. Normally it is not possible to incorporate both 28mm wide-angle and 420mm tele-zoom capabilities in an average high-end camera. Standard SLR systems require different lenses to shoot wide-angle and telephoto, which in the end translates into added weight from the extra equipment and the possibility of missing some shots due to lens changeover."

The price? $849. Now we just need to know when Samsung? When?

This will be one hot seller.