Jun 29, 2005

Nikon D50

Another review of the Nikon D50 SLR for you this week, this time from Digital Camera Resource Page. The D50 is Nikon's first truly entry-level D-SLR. Designed to compete with cameras like the Canon Digital Rebel XT, Olympus E-300, and Pentax *ist DL, the D50 is a "slimmed down" version of the D70s.

Nikon D50
"The Nikon D50 is a very good entry-level digital SLR that performs just as well as the more expensive D70s, though you'll lose a few features along the way. Even so, many people will be happy to ditch those features to get an affordable D-SLR that performs very well.

The D50 is the "Mini Me" version of the D70s, with very minor cosmetic differences. It's a little smaller and lighter, as well, but it wasn't too small like the Digital Rebel XT is (in my opinion). Build quality is excellent and it does not feel "cheap" at all. The camera fits well in your hand with a substantial right hand grip, and all the important controls are easy-to-reach. One thing missing on the D50 is a backlight for the LCD info display -- one of the few features from the D70s that I really miss.

Camera performance is superb: just flip the power switch and the D50 is ready to go. The camera focuses quickly and takes pictures without any noticeable shutter lag. Autofocus speeds were impressive, even in low light. While battery life isn't as good as the D70s, it's still excellent (and you can buy a higher capacity battery if you need to). Transferring photos is actually faster on the "cheap model" because it supports USB 2.0 High Speed, unlike the D70s."

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