Jun 2, 2005

Nikon D2X dSLR Review

Hot on the heels of yesterday's review of the Nikon D2X dSLR by Steve's Digicams, today DPRview has posted theirs.

The Nikon D2X digital SLR has a 12.4 million pixel DX format CMOS sensor, by default the D2X can shoot at 5 fps, however it has an interesting 6.8 milion pixel option which reduces the sensing area but increases the frame rate to 8 fps. Hence the D2X can be seen as two cameras in one, a 12.4 million pixel high resolution shooter and a 6.8 million pixel high frame rate shooter. The use of a CMOS sensor is new to Nikon but also new on this camera is a four channel read-out from the sensor and the ability to perform WB correction to the analogue data before it is digitized. To top it off, the D2X sports a wireless transmitter with 802.11 b/g support and wireless Capture Control (Nikon Capture 4.2)

Here are a few words from DPReview-
"The D2X is a camera which grew on me the more I used it, its instant response and solid build instill a level of confidence unavailable in lesser cameras. You know that every time you press the shutter release the camera will respond instantly and you'll get the shot. As a photographic tool it's as close to perfection as I could imagine, there's really very little else you could want from a camera.
It's fair to say that with the D2X Nikon are well and truly 'back', a killer combination of the superb D2 body, a high resolution CMOS sensor and the added bonus of high speed shooting when you need it. What can I say? The ratio of Pros to Cons really sums up my whole feeling for the D2X, it's exactly what we expect Nikon to produce, a solid robust high performance digital SLR with superb image quality, build quality and a confidence inspiring sense of presence. You know, I may well buy one myself!"

Can't ask for a better recommendation than that.
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