Jun 14, 2005

Nikon Capture v4.3 now available

Nikon has announced an update to its image processing software, Nikon Capture. It's a good program for capturing the RAW files from your camera but there are better image management programs out there.

The new color aberration tool automatically reduces the appearance of color fringing. The multi image window, which displays thumbnails and allows simultaneous editing of multiple images, is now easier to use; names of preferred folders can be changed to something the user finds easier to remember.

The latest update to Nikon's powerful image processing software adds new features including Color Aberration Control that enhance image appearance.

New additions to version 4.3's performance include Color Aberration Control (1) and Red Eye Correction. Color Aberration Control leverages the advantages of the NEF file format at the digital processing stage to detect and reduce the appearance of color fringing, (the chromatic difference of magnification), which typically appears in fine detail at the edge of the image; a result of the differing wavelengths of colors in peripheral areas. This new tool makes the reduction of the appearance of color fringing an automatic operation; just select the Color Aberration Control menu within Nikon Capture 4.

The new Red Eye Correction function automatically diminishes the appearance of red pupils, sometimes experienced in the eyes of subjects photographed using a flash. Red Eye Correction works not only on JPEG and TIFF files, but also on NEF files.

Changes in version 4.3 of the firmware
Support for the D50 has been added.
Color aberration control option has been added to the "Image" menu (available only with digital SLR camera RAW images).
The Red Eye Correction feature included in Nikon View and PictureProject has been added.
A Performance tab has been added to the Tools / Options... menu.
Correction of other known issues.

Click here to download Nikon Capture v4.3
Now if Nikon would only offer the program for free.